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Frequently Asked Questions .. .. about veneer and landscape products

Q: What is the difference between natural rock and Big Rock?

A: Well, you certainly couldn't tell there was a difference by looking at it!  It looks exactly like the real thing, but it's made in molds that we take from natural rocks.  It is made from a lighweight concrete mix and non-synthetic mineral oxide colours, so it's very much lighter and easier to work with!   

Q:  I need  to build a wall on my property.  Why would I choose to use Big Rock over natural stone?  How does cost compare between the two?

A:  A natural stone wall will generally cost more in time and labor, and the wall will take up more yard space as the foundation has to be quite wide - certainly much more than a veneer wall.  A well built concrete block wall, at 6 to 8 inches wide, will have a finished thickness of about 11 to 14 inches, if you have installed the veneer on both sides.  The veneer and mortar add approximately 2.5" to the surface.

A natural rock wall is often filled with rubble and bits and pieces of rock in the center area between the stones and over time, stones loosen, and mortar crumbles leaving gaps that make a perfect home for rodents, roaches, centipedes and more.  A solidly built concrete or CMU wall with Big Rock veneer well mortared to the surface, is stronger structurally, has no voids and leaves no place for unwelcome pests.

Q:  Why use Big Rock, and not another kind of veneer?

A:  Big Rock is made in Hawaii, from Hawaiian stones, and it is beautiful, totally real looking, and made with aloha on the island of Oahu.  There is no other major veneer manufacturer doing Hawaiian stone in the Hawaiian islands.  Big Rock is the only one and the original, so unless you want a product imported from thousands of miles away, pretending to be Hawaiian, you buy Big Rock

We also give you what you need for your particular project, no pre-boxed veneer.  We listen to your concerns, work with your plans and tell you exactly what you will need to do the job. 

Is it real?

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