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Japanese Garden Stones, Lanterns etc.

Over the years, Big Rock has collected many beautiful boulders, some of which have been eroded over hundreds of years to create stone bowls, or basins. 

Although we also have traditional Japanese formal carved bowls, our natural Hawiaian bowls allow one to create a Japanese water garden with a 'Hawaiian sense of place'.



  • An interesting shape, the Isa Bowl is a smooth moss rock boulder with a naturally eroded basin.
  • Height 9” Width 22” Thickness 13”
  • Use with a Kakeki (bamboo) and a Laguna #2 pump, or a Rio 800 pump. 
  • For less water flow the Rio 800 pump has a control valve.



  • This beautiful Hawaiian boulder basin was naturally created thousand of years ago during one of the volcanic eruptions.
  • It has its own rugged beauty and is perfect for a Hawaiian/Japanese garden setting.
  • This basin measures 25" x 23" x 12" in height.
  • Use with a Kakeki and a Laguna #2 pump, or a Rio 800 pump. 
  • For less water flow the Rio 800 pump has a control valve.


  • A beautiful naturally eroded lava boulder, very strong and rugged in appearance.
  • The silhouette of the rock is reminiscent of the shape of Hawaii's Ko’olau Mountains.
  • Height 16” Width 23” Depth 17”
  • Use with a Kakeki and a Laguna 200 pump, or a Rio 800 pump. 
  • For less water flow the Rio 800 pump has a control valve.



  • This Classic stone basin is in the shape of an antique coin.
  • Translation:  "I practice being content, avoiding greed."
  • The basin measures 18" in diameter and 10" in height.
  • Use with Kakeki and Laguna #2 or Rio 800 pump.





  • This extraordinary large stone bowl is reminiscent of a huge egg, cracked across its length.
  • Extremely dramatic and striking in appearance.  Suitable for water lilies, if sealed. 
  • Looks great with one big horizontal bamboo pipe feeding the water.  Use a Rio 2500 pump for strong flow.
  • Displayed in a cream Coral stone color.  Also available in Lava or Moss Rock color. 
  • Height 18” –20” Width 34” Length 46”


  • These stone water basins, called tsukubais, are traditionally found in Japanese tea gardens.  Very rustic and simple in design, these basins signify the synergy of man and nature.  They are traditionally surrounded by smooth pebbles or gravel, and some carefully arranged boulders. Water flows into the stone bowl from a kakeki (bamboo pipe), which is fed by a submersible pump.  Plumbing not required.  

Easy To Do Yourself!

  • Dig a depression in the ground, a little larger than the basin, and line with a 5'x5' pond liner, leaving about 10" on the top of the ground.  If you want more water surrounding, use an 8' x 10' liner,  and you can create a more interesting surrounding space.
  • Place the tsukubai (stone bowl) in the pond, elevating the bowl on a brick or concrete block, so just about 1.5" of the  bottom of the bowl is covered with the water when full.  
  • Camouflage the exposed liner with gravel and river rock, or moss rock stepping stones and gravel. 
  • Stand bamboo Kakehi behind the bowl. (A piece of rebar is handy for support, perhaps with some larger stones at base of the bamboo).
  • Attach the tubing already inserted in the bamboo, to the submersible pump, which is hidden behind the bowl. 
  • Fill with water, & plug in, and enjoy!. 

Garden contains Rustic Lantern, Pohaku Bowl, bamboo kakehi, gravel and river rock


Pohaku Bowl garden contians:   Japanese garden logs, Tranquil Buddha, Large Moss Rock Stepping Stone, Lantern and faux Triple Bamboo kakehi.  Mist is created by a fogger.


FOROUROU BASIN  (& Rustic Guide Stone)
  • Simple and formal in design, this stone basin is carved in a clean square shape, with raised rounded corner detail.
  • Height 14” Width 14” Depth 14”
  • Use with a Kakeki and a Laguna 200 pump, or a Rio 800 pump. 
  • For less water flow the Rio 800 pump has a control valve.



Beautiful Rustic Hawaiian/Japanese water garden

  • Big Rock's Pohaku Bowl with Rustic Lantern, and Shishi-Odoshi (Deer-scare) bamboo flume, tipping water into the bowl.
  • Accented by Tranquil buddha, a few of our lightweight boulders, and river rock. 
  • Mist is created by an ultrasonic fogger.
Japanese garden projects are easy to do!   Save $$ and Do it Yourself!



  • This original Tsukubai mold was cast from a genuine antique hand-hewn stone basin. 
  • This basin measures 24" in diameter and 13" in height.
  • Use with Kakeki  (bamboo spout) and a Laguna 200 OR Rio 800 pump.  For less water flow, adjust valve on pump.



Surrounded with black river rock is the Ko'olau bowl accented with our Rustic Lantern, Japanese Garden Logs, and our lightweight cast Moss Rock Boulders; B-31 on left and B-33 front right.  Garden is bordered with our Stone Edgers.