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Things for the garden

The basic elements of landscaping include walls and enclosures, waterfalls and ponds, pathways, planters and statues.

  • Big Rock offers pre-manufactured stock items as well as custom solutions for each element, all with their signature casting.
  • Today, the company’s popular product lines are shipped throughout the Islands, to the mainland and the South Pacific. Big Rock's owners Brian Joy and Bonnie Cooper attribute this success to years of dedication to quality, and to their excellent customer service.
  • “Our products are exclusive, and our formula is one-of-a-kind,” says Cooper.

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Moss Rock Garden Edger

The look of individual stones for your border. ·   Cast from natural rocks with 1,2, or 3 stones per section, on a 5 “ wide base. ·    Simply cover the base with earth. ·    For a different look, reverse the section ·    Average height: Approx 8 "  A 3 foot long curved section available.  Priced per linear foot.  If you want to use these on concrete, just let us know and we will custom pour them without the base.


Stone Garden Edgers

These garden and pathway edgers have the appearance of rectangular hewn stone.  The stone edgers are cast from pieces of cut stone, rough hewn on ends.  Lengths vary from 12" to 26"  Height/width: Approximately 4".   Edgers are priced per linear foot.


Coral Boulders / Edgers

Large and impressive Coral boulders,or they are good for edging a garden bed too.  Six different  stones, simply reverse for six more views.  Also available in Moss Rock or Lava colors.  Size range: 24"-36" Long x 10" - 18" Wide.  Heights vary 12"-18" High.  Prices vary according to boulder size.

Japanese Garden Logs
Cast from lengths of tree limbs, with realistic wood bark finish.  To be used vertically. Five different heights - from 9" to 14". Diameters vary.

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Moss Rock Bench - Rectangular
A rectangular Moss Rock slab, supported on two boulder base stones.  Available in a plain Moss Rock surface, or with a Runner petroglyph design.  Also custom made with your choice of petroglyph designs.  Additional cost is determined by the design ordered. The seat measures 42" x 19" x 4" and is 19" overall height.

Moss Rock Bench with Runner Petroglyph
Rectangular Moss Rock slab, supported on two boulder base stones, with a Runner petroglyph design.  The bench is also custom made your choice of petroglyph designs.  Additional cost is determined by the design ordered.  The seat measures 42" x 19" x 4" and is 19" overall height.

Moss Rock Bench - Curved
 This naturally curving slab of Moss Rock is supported on two boulder pedestal stones.  The seat measures approximately 41" x 15" and is 19" overall height.

Moss Rock Ali'i Bench/Table
A large Moss Rock slab, with interesting surface detail, supported on three-boulder base stones. This low rustic table is approximately 42" x 33" x 4” thick with an overall height of 20".  Although designed as an outdoor  lanai 'coffee table', many have purchased it for use as a bench.

Our Tranquil Buddha:
A peaceful addition to your garden, or meditation area.19" High

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