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Moss Rock Installations

Moss Rock Veneer

We find the veneer most often specified for construction on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Moloka’i, and Kauai is our Moss Rock. 

Many of the stone walls and foundations of the older Hawaiian homes were built using the natural Moss Rock.  

 As Big Rock’s Moss Rock Veneer is incredibly natural in appearance, it's the obvious choice, for new construction or renovations where harmonizing the stone is important.    

Moss Rock veneer can be color-enhanced with the use of stains, to match the hue Mother Nature has given the real stone in the area, so whether you're adding to an existing natural wall, or starting from scratch, you can be sure that no one will be sure if it is real, of if it’s Big Rock!.   


Above: a closeup photo of the Moss Rock. 

Average thickness is +/- 2 inches, and weighs about 4 to 5  lbs. per square foot.

Installed with 3/4 inch mortar bed, the veneer will add apporximately 2.5 inches to wall.

Residential Wall

Above:  Moss Rock installed on a concrete wall

Below:  "Before & After"

Transform a plain concrete wall with Big Rock!

webassets/MossRock_in progress

Above:  Installation in progress

webassets/MossRock_unstained_Gate Post

Gate Post - Moss Rock Unstained



Above:  Royal Hawaiian Center Waikiki

Moss Rock on concrete column
Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki

Above: Moss Rock was installed over a cement-board surface to create this column, located at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Waikiki. 

No surface preparation was required as it was going on a cementitious surface - only a scratch coat, the mortar and the veneer.  After installation the Moss Rock was lightly highlighted with acid stains, to enhance the color.


Above: Big Rock Moss on CMU block 

Moss Rock Wall

Above:  Stained Moss Rock


Above Location:  Ala Moana Center

Moss Rock Veneer  "Unstained"


Above:  Señor Frog at Royal Hawaiian Center


Above at Ala Moana Center


Above:  Sheraton Waikiki


Moss Rock - Stock color - No stains applied for this look.


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"If you want it to look Hawaiian, only Big Rock will do"