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Big Rock Stepping Stones

Moss Rock/Lava & Coral Stepping Stones:

Although Big Rock initially manufactured only Stone Veneer, consumer demand required expansion and growth in other areas.

The initial evolution of Big Rock began in 1984, with the creation of our unique “Moss Rock Stepping Stones”, the first natural-looking garden pavers to appear on the market.  

  • Big Rock landscaping products weigh less than natural stone, they're easy to use, less costly than real rock and certainly less labor intensive.  

  • Big Rock cast stone pavers have the color and appearance of natural Hawaiian stone, but are made of fiber reinforced concrete for strength and durability.   

  • The color pigments become an integral part of the stone during the casting process, and existing applications show no undesirable change in color after years of weathering.   

  • Average thickness is 3 inches.  The stones are random natural shapes, and the sizes vary in coverage from of one square foot up to four square feet each. 

  • There are a wide variety of stones in each size category, making obvious repetition unlikely.   

  • The stones are easy to place...simply set in a level bed of sand or soft earth.  Use grass, gravel or river rock between the stones to create a naturally inviting pathway or outdoor area.

Moss Rock Stepping Stones

Moss Rock paver X-LG

Moss Paver XX-LG

Moss Rock Paver Assorted

Stepping Stones Available in
Moss Rock/Lava, and Coral

Made in Hawaii exclusively by Big Rock Manufacturing

Cast in fiber reinforced concrete for strength and durability

Moss Rock Pavers Assorted

Moss Rock pathway

Simply set the stones in a bed of sand or soft earth,
and surround with grass, gravel or river rock.


Ancient Hawaiians called their stone art k'i’i pohaku, or images in stone. The k'i’i pohaku are petroglyphs, which comes from the Greek words, "petros" for rock, and "glyphein" to carve. This rock art provides a unique look into the past, but speculation is the only way to find some answers to the many questions. There is almost no historic evidence of the petroglyphs origin in Hawaii. Although the age of Hawaii’s images is not known, a chronology of style can be discerned. The earliest were simple stick figures, while the figures with triangular torsos, which are only found in Hawaii, came later. After Westerners appeared in Hawaii, carvings of horses and cattle appeared and became more common. Of all the Hawaiian Islands, the Island of Hawaii has the greatest number of petroglyphs in the state. Areas of petroglyph concentration are normally found on the smooth pãhoehoe lava, cliff faces or smooth interior cliff walls, on the lava inundated areas of the island, and along trails the ancient Hawaiians commonly traveled. 

Big Rock Petroglyph Stepping Stones

·    Turtle (Honu), Fisherman & Crab Petroglyphs are available in Moss Rock Stepping Stone size Large

·    Single Paddler & Double Paddler are available in Moss Rock Stepping Stone size X-Large

·    Family, Centipede, Surfer, Honu and other groupings are superimposed on our very large Ali’i Stones.

·    Custom Petroglyphs are available by special order.  Cost is determined by design.

Ali`i Stones are also available as plain natural stone - no petroglyphs.  Average 33" x 43" 

Petroglyph Stepping Stones

Ea. Covers +/-

 Large - Crab

2.0 sq. ft

 Large -Fisherman

2.0 sq. ft

 Large - Turtle

2.0 sq. ft

 X-Large -  Single Paddler

3.0 sq. ft

 X-Large -  Double Paddler

3.0 sq. ft

 Ali`i – Centipede combo

9.0 sq. ft

 Ali`i – Family combo

9.5 sq. ft

 Ali`i – Turtle combo

10.5 sq. ft

Big Rock Moss Rock and Coral Stepping Stones

Stepping Stone Sizes

      Area Coverage



1.0 sq. ft

 Medium

1.5 sq. ft

 Large                                2.0 sq. ft

 X-Large

3.0 sq. ft

 XX-Large

4.0 sq. ft




On Ali`i Size stone 


Hono (Turtle)

Size:  Large 


Single Paddler

Size:  X-Large 


Family - Ali'i Stone

webassets/Single Paddler Petroglyph XLG
Single Paddler Petroglyph XLG

Single Paddler X-Large


Honu - Ali'i Stone

All path stones here are Ali`i and XX-Large 




Puka Ali'i Stone as Landing Stone

42" x 33" x 4"


Puka Ali'i - close up



This Ali`i stone has Family and Surfer petroglyphs and more!